New Years Resolutions are a Thing of the Past
January 21, 2010
L. Kae Graniel

According to the famous 1920’s self-help author, Florence Scovel Shinn, if “Your Word is Your Wand,” then you better say what you want.

In following up on last issue’s article about resolutions, we heard something loud and clear: nobody makes New Years Resolutions anymore. Why? Primarily because they don’t work. This would be true of anything you only gave attention to once a year. What would happen if you got a plant but only watered it once a year, or only put oil in your car every January? There is something about being resolute that sounds so unbending and narrow minded. Most of the people interviewed agreed that they all have goals that are on-going and active, which is why the baby steps mentioned in the previous article are so useful.

According to Human Resource Consultant, Geoffrey Johnson, “My goals are on-going and can be changed or evaluated anytime. Once a year is not enough.” UH student Sarah Giannascoli, shares, “I use motivation to get a tough goal accomplished. If I am not looking forward to getting a task done, I’ll go for a run to get the endorphins I need to chase away the lack of desire.” And Financial Advisor and Market Analyst, Garry Graham actually writes his goals out at the beach every year to build the foundation he uses to keep himself on track. He says, “I like to look back and feel good about all I have accomplished and get inspired about all I have yet to become. I agree that a good support group and plan of action with accountability go a long way in the success of completing a goal.”

So, let resolutions be what happens in mediation and make goals a part of your day-to-day living in order to achieve your aspirations.

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