Hawai'i Tea Party Participants Say "Enough!"

April 15, 2009 ended up to be an amazing day! People around the country are tired of BIG Government and even BIGGER Spending. My family and I were fortunate enough to attend today's Tea Party at the Hawai'i State Capitol. I was so proud of both my sons as they sign-waved, people-watched and listened to the speakers. This wasn't a "Right Wing Radical" Protest as the current administration was trying to warn the public about. This was a gathering of people who are getting together to say enough is enough!! 

All Tea Parties around the country were people of every walk of life, race and political parties standing up and ultimately drawing a line in the sand. Stop the spending! Stop big Government! I for one believe in capitalism and the freedom to work hard and enjoy the fruits of hard work. Let me be clear that this isn't a political party issue, as I have checked my beliefs at the door long ago. This is so much deeper. This is about what is right and what is wrong.

I hope today sparks something inside of everyone to detach from emotion and look at the situation we are in today and what we can do to prevent our freedoms, taxes and fundamentals of what America was founded on from being wiped away for good.
Ending here, again this isn't a political party issue, this is the everyday person tired of petty politics and foolish spending over the last few presidents to the current administration. It has come down to this, National Tea Parties today... accountability of our politicians tomorrow!
Heidi M. Kaumaka Wong