New Study Shows Honolulu Traffic Congestion is Nearly the Worst in the Nation

A new study out this week shows that Oahu rush hour traffic is the second worst in the nation, slightly better than Los Angeles but worse than Washington, D.C. and New York City. Honolulu beat Los Angeles to take the dubious rank of highest Commuter Stress Index in the nation.

“It is no surprise to anyone who drives Oahu’s freeways and roads that our island has some of the worst traffic in the country,” said Mayor Kirk Caldwell. “Precious time that could be spent at work or with family and friends is wasted on congested roadways burning fuel, which not only increases our cost of living, it pollutes the air we breathe.  That is why I have prioritized the restoration of bus service as soon as possible while continuing to work to build rail better and bring alternative transit options to Oahu’s residents. I have also prioritized the design and construction of Oahu’s new Joint Traffic Management Center which will allow traffic engineers and emergency responders to better manage Oahu’s roadways and traffic flow.

“There is no one solution to Oahu’s traffic problems, but I believe that a focused approach to bringing transit alternatives to Oahu commuters is the path forward.  I am committed to improving options for people to ride TheBus and the rail, advancing infrastructure for bike riders and pedestrians, and I am prioritizing the repaving of Oahu’s roadways to improve the quality of life for those currently without transportation alternatives.”

The Annual Urban Mobility Report by the Texas Transportation Institute shows that in 2011 Oahu residents burned an extra 11,298,000 gallons of fuel sitting in traffic, 24 gallons per rush hour commuter.  This resulted in an additional 225 million pounds of carbon dioxide being released in the atmosphere, which contributes to global climate change.  Oahu commuters spent a total of 20,873,000 hours inching through traffic, or 45 hours per rush hour auto commuter in 2011.